RV Septic System Treatment

Use our power formula to eliminate unwanted odors and simple, weekly RV toilet treatment.

Product Features

  • Combats odors and breaks down waste in RV, marine and portable toilet holding tanks
  • Contains patented bacteria and enzymes scientifically proven to break down waste and paper
  • Long-lasting, powerful citrus scent
  • Up to 16 treatments per bottle for holding tanks up to 40 gallons
  • Easy-to-use liquid formula

Pack Contents: 48 FZ

Product Description

Help guarantee a pleasant trip the next time you hit the road by using RID-X® RV Toilet Treatment. With its powerful citrus fragrance and dual-action formula of bacteria and enzymes, our RV toilet chemicals offset odors and break down waste. RID-X® RV Toilet Treatment is safe for RVs, portable toilets, and portable marine toilets. Use our toilet chemicals once a week to combat odors.

Available in:

• 24 FL. OZ. (1 treatment (3 fl. oz.) for each 40 gallons of RV holding tank)
• 48 FL. OZ. (1 treatment (3 fl. oz.) for each 40 gallons of RV holding tank)


SHAKE BEFORE USE. EMPTIED TANKS: For each 40 gallons of tank capacity, add 3 oz. of RID-X® through the toilet into the holding tank. Follow with one gallon of water. For holding tanks less than 15 gallons or small portable toilets add 3 oz. of RID-X®, and then follow with ½ gallon of water. For best results, holding tanks and portable toilets should be emptied once a week or sooner as needed. If temperatures are above 90°F a second dose may be needed mid week; treat as necessary. If tanks are held longer than one week, an additional dose should be added weekly.

CAUTION: Contains Enzymes. May cause eye irritation. May cause mild skin irritation after prolonged contact. Inhaling mist from this product could cause irritation to the lungs and mucous membranes. Ingestion could cause irritation to the mouth and throat. Individuals having known allergies, as well as those with respiratory disease or disorders, should avoid contact with this product. FIRST AID: If in eyes, rinse eyes with water for fifteen minutes, if irritation persists, see a physician. If on skin, wash the product off the skin with soap and water. If irritation develops, see a physician. If inhaled, move to fresh air and avoid further contact with product. If breathing problems develop, see a physician. If ingested, drink water to dilute and call a physician. Induce vomiting only if advised by a physician.