Septi-Pac Septic System Maintenance

Our Septi-Pacs contain one dose of our powerful, concentrated formula to make RID-X® septic treatment easier than ever before.

Product Features

  • Easy-to-use dissolvable pouches
  • Powerful dual-action formula
  • Advanced enzymes immediately start to break down household waste
  • Patented natural bacteria help reduce tank build-up

Pack Contents: 2 EA

Product Description

RID-X® Septic System Maintenance Septi Pacs are gelpacs that are scientifically proven to break down the waste that can cause septic backups. Using RID-X® for septic tanks regularly will help keep the bacteria population consistently high throughout the year. RID-X® is safe for use with all pipes and septic tanks. Always remember to use RID-X® once a month along with regular pumping.

Available in:
• 2 monthly doses of RID-X® for septic tanks up to 1500 gallons
• 3 monthly doses of RID-X® for septic tanks up to 1500 gallons


Place 1 gelpac of RID-X® into the toilet each month and flush.
For best results, flush RID-X® when plumbing will not be used such as before going to bed or leaving home for the day. 1 gelpac of RID-X® is 1 MONTHLY DOSE for septic tanks between 700 gallons and 1500 gallons.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. CAUTION: Contains enzymes. Gel may cause eye irritation and mild skin irritation after prolonged contact. FIRST AID: If in eyes, rinse eyes with water for fifteen minutes, if irritation persists, see a physician. If on skin, wash the product off the skin with soap and water. If irritation develops, see a physician. If ingested, drink water to dilute and call a physician. Induce vomiting only if advised by a physician.

Product Code: 019200930390